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30 Day Writing Challenge

Let’s do this!


I think I’ll give this a try! And I’m already behind… that’s alright.

If you want to join me please do!

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Kintsugi 金継ぎ


I am a vase
I want you to break me
Tear my soul into smaller pieces
Flay me with your anger
Show me the evidence
Give me proof
That I am not worthy of you
Acknowledge what I know to be true
But do not abandon me
As I lay before your feet
Shattered, torn apart
Please end my torture thus
I will know what I did
It is only through you
As you breathe me in
And replace old with new
That I shall begin to heal
Fit my mangled corpse
Back together
A new form
Perfection as defined by your desire
And melt the finest love
Into my deformed, ugly crevices
It will harden and make me whole
So I might be someone you can love

I am a vase
I want you to love me.

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the definition of my life.

the definition of my life.

this is me, incase you were wondering…

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