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Day #7 – What Tattoos you have & if They Have Meaning

Unfortunately, I can’t answer this one at all. I don’t have any tattoos and don’t see getting one ever. Why? Well, its a simple answer. I don’t care for needles. Ever since I was a baby I’ve always hated them. I couldn’t even get my blood taken for the first time recently without freaking out and they almost couldn’t get any blood out of my arm because I was so nervous. So imagine being 7 years old and having to watch a needle come at your face from the corner of your eye again and again so you could get stitches. My mom had the best surgeon in the hospital sewing up my face and had the nurses jumping at attention to give me locales so I couldn’t feel anything. It was kind of embarrassing and traumatizing at the same time. I kind of had to shoo her away so the doctor and nurses could do what they needed to do. So could you imagine me getting a tattoo? Neither do I.

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