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To think that I am an open book
Is a joke
I am not sun warmed pages
Flitting back and forth on a breeze
I am not something that lies there
Patiently open and ready to gain attention
It is so much more dreadful than that
I am an open wound, burning, bleeding
I am a raw nerve, treading on thin ice
Picture eyes blinded by the sun
Chaotic and unable to focus
I am a Polaroid burning and bubbling
In a fire of emotion
This is my curse
I am not an open book
I am a wreck
I am a natural disaster you can’t ignore
I am exposed
And every one can see it.
Don’t you?


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Hi there! :]

It’s my first time using the magical device that is wordpress, this is my attempt. It’s going to be very professional and will include some of my most professional writing. It will contain bits and pieces from future books. Especially my book that I would like to publish, 50 Lessons in Friendship, I’ll be posting random lessons (as I finish writing them), and posting lessons that I learn in the future but most likely will not make the book but could be another book in the future.  I will also be talking about my journey as a writer, and along the journey of trying to get published, maybe even the travails in self-publishing, there might even be a future podcast, who knows! The world is my oyster since I’m graduating from college in December 2012, enjoy watching me bumble my way through my life and my career. I wonder what the future holds, it will be fun to find out won’t it? :] Welcome to my writing, bibliophile world! Come in and have a look around!

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