Day #1 – Five Problems with Social Media

Where do I even begin?

1) Oblivion. People try their damnedest to acquire the most followers, vie for the most attention (even me) but in the end what will be left of us? Nothing but star stuff.

2) Void. Everyone just shouts into the void, noisy and obsequious. Worse is that they expect the void to answer back. (So guilty of this even now.)

3) Vernacular. Fleek, On Point, Fierce, LOL, Ballin’, Swag. The nonsensical perversion of our language. I don’t believe in bad language, or bad words but the worst thing is listening to these things becoming common to the dictionary. I can’t keep up with it all.

4) Anonymity. The Anonymity of Trolls, Haters, and Meanies. Gotta ignore the trolls. Sure, that’s easy enough to do, most of the time. But some people can be really hateful. It’s easy to say really rude, obnoxiously rash things to people over the internet when you believe you’re only talking to a picture. When people feel the need to correct, tease, or bully others because the bigness of the internet allows you to feel big enough to tear others down.

5) Anesthetic. The Anesthetic Effect of Horror. The fact that we view such horrible, disgusting, shocking things that are around us in this world, and that these things somehow become less shocking. That these things become so minute on our radar that they almost become nonexistent.

[Bonus: My obsession with it. Everyone’s obsession with it. Make a note, a promise: Take a step back, go outside, breathe.]

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