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Scarred – 3/19/2016

Cover me in sin,
Honey thick and sweet with desire.
Scratch it into my skin.
Leave marks.
Marks that will last for hours,
For days, for months, for years,
Bruise me until it hurts.
Brand me.
Leave scars.
A calling card,
A signature that can never be erased.
So deep,
Your love will fill my pores,
Burn my blood,
Fill the gaping pockets inside the marrow of my bones.
Every inhale will be glorious pain.
Ecstatic blazes that will scorch and seer,
into white hot pleasure.
Every exhale will be my relief,
A gasping sigh filled with my cindered, smoldering love.
Let your devotion,
your constancy,
Seep into these ravaged layers,
Lying here just for you,
As indelible as ink stains on fingertips.
Leave scars that will remain,
Through the rest of time,
So that not even the Earth that swallows me,
Could ever dream to forget,
The love scars you left behind.


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