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Epitaph – Labor Day, 2015

Unrepentant and full of sin
I doubt St. Peter will let me in
For my soul do not pray
Instead I simply ask you enjoy your day
For me, take in every kind of pleasure
A day cream-filled with hedonism and leisure.
For when a holy man calls you a heathen
I doubt there is much hope for heaven
For this soul is free as a bird
From the heavy burden of a life inured
By goodliness and accountability
Weighed down by tolerance and susceptibility
Instead I account to no one, free of a pious dedication
And simply live a life of predilection
In every way I encourage you to do the same
And no longer allow others to force your life to be tame
For it is our own pleasure we seek in every mile
And if we’re going to hell, we might as well go with a smile.
I will have no regrets, and in eternity you’ll see.
That there was no more gratified sinner than me.
So in this last moment I say goodbye
In this ground here I lie
I loved you all and this is true
For there is no one I cherished more than you.
So do not cry and do not wait
Live your life, its your’s to take.
Take a lesson here from me.
Life is so much more than ‘to be or not to be.
And this you must take with you least.
This is not a soul that wants to rest in peace.
I will rampage and rebel
So even the devil will have a story to tell
In hell they build me a throne
And when you come down you’ll not be alone
For in hell I am the queen
Of fire, sex, lust, envy and greed.
So come one, come all and join me down here
Down here its a thousand degrees all year.
Please join me and take your ease
For I relish a life lived as I please
Unrepentant and full of sin
I doubt St. Peter would let me in.


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