Some poems come and go
Some poems whisper
They whisper across my brain
Like wind blowing across waves of the ocean
Over the shore
Upon my face
I can taste and savor the words
Like drops of salt water hanging in the air
And just like a blink,
they’ve vanished.
A moment of time
And never again
Some poems, they’re more persistent
Even if I wanted to forget them
They return
They bang on the door to my brain
Rude. Needy. Obstinate.
The words become molasses
Sticking into every crevice, every nook and cranny.
Until they are written out.
Now if you’ll excuse
It’s time to exorcise another demon.


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One response to “Catharsis

  1. Really well expressed, I have that with poems too. They can tease and torment you not quite ready to be set free or they can flood your mind. I’ve had to pull over in my car before now on the way to work to write ones down that were particularly persistent.

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