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Kintsugi 金継ぎ


I am a vase
I want you to break me
Tear my soul into smaller pieces
Flay me with your anger
Show me the evidence
Give me proof
That I am not worthy of you
Acknowledge what I know to be true
But do not abandon me
As I lay before your feet
Shattered, torn apart
Please end my torture thus
I will know what I did
It is only through you
As you breathe me in
And replace old with new
That I shall begin to heal
Fit my mangled corpse
Back together
A new form
Perfection as defined by your desire
And melt the finest love
Into my deformed, ugly crevices
It will harden and make me whole
So I might be someone you can love

I am a vase
I want you to love me.


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Some poems come and go
Some poems whisper
They whisper across my brain
Like wind blowing across waves of the ocean
Over the shore
Upon my face
I can taste and savor the words
Like drops of salt water hanging in the air
And just like a blink,
they’ve vanished.
A moment of time
And never again
Some poems, they’re more persistent
Even if I wanted to forget them
They return
They bang on the door to my brain
Rude. Needy. Obstinate.
The words become molasses
Sticking into every crevice, every nook and cranny.
Until they are written out.
Now if you’ll excuse
It’s time to exorcise another demon.

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