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Grave — June 30, 2013

In the shivering daylight

     – of the naked, piercing dawn

Fragile thoughts tied to strings

            – cry for mother’s breasted milk

Like babes and shatter solitude

            – a thousand mirrored pieces

Within the graveyard

            a blanketed mist sticks

Like film, digusting, to the skin.

            Twitching every nerve raw

Madness in my eyes, blaring.

            – a fog horn

The nameless graves, a horrible torment

            a nightmare

The souls and their ghoulish intent

            – screaming

Screaming their names in my brain,

            Loud and noisy

Inconsonant resonance

            – pulsing, pounding, booming

In time to my rushing blood

            – in a language I can’t see

A plucked violin string – hollow, vacant

            – as clear as this new sun in my vision

There is only silence.

Image(photo courtesy of Nick Keen via Flickr)


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