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Winter’s Night

Wrote this poem (half for a guy, half simply for the love I wish to have) while I was at my house in PA, hopefully there will be an opportunity to make a writing hut/cottage there on the land that will be mine. *crosses fingers* Here’s the poem. I’m sorry if its terrible.
You are the quiet winter moon
Bathed in blue twilight
The woods seemed bathed in day light
A strange sort of day light
The light is muted and cold
and the shadows reign
Darkness is no longer strange
But seems to be a warm companion
For me, the snow and trees
Me, the little animals
making impressions in the snow
Like your smile leaves letters
Quiet secrets in the bottle that is my heart
I can feel your love in the woods
In the shadows embracing the trees that dot the ground.
Cold shadows embrace the lighted trees and sigh in desperate ecstasy
The ground blanketed with snow
that twinkles in the twilight
more precious than fine diamond jewels
woven into an ancient tapestry
whispering enchanting secrets I have yet to know.
I am the crystalline snow
Awed by the light shed by you the moon
I am radiant and glowing
Envious that I cannot be one of the billions of stars
Laughing in the sky beside your glorious beauty
You make the nighttime shine and sparkle
More beauteous than the day
Quiet passion resonated in the silence
All is quiet except for the sky
Reflected in the sparkling snowbanks of my soul

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